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Car Storage Tips For Summer Season


imagesWash And Wax Before Parking It For The Last Time

Whether you’ll be gone for two weeks or two years, it would be nice if you’ll wash and wax it then cover it with an automobile cover that lets air in but protects the exterior from the UV rays at the same time before storing it.

Add Fuel Stabiliser To The Gas In The Tank

For summer storage for cars with it’s important that you don’t forget about fuel stabilizer. This will prevent fuel system problems as long as you run it a few minutes just to be certain that the fuel reaches the fuel lines and motor before letting it go to sleep for a long time.

Buy A Battery Tender

A few months may not be that long but it’s still necessary that the battery is properly charged. To make this happen, you can either buy a battery tender and hook it up to the battery with the help of an extension cord or buy the tender but remove the battery and put it somewhere more secure with the tender on it. These both allow the battery to be charged without being overcharged, but the latter reduces the chance of theft.

Cover The Tires Too

The number one enemy of your ride during summer in the car storage will be the sun. It can oxidize your tires. To combat this, you can buy wheel covers for the tires too, as you buy an automotive cover for the entire exterior. This should help keep the rubber from being damaged due to oxidation.

Check Your Car In A Car Storage Facility

If you can, it would be much better if you can keep your ride in a car storage facility. Aside from the fact that it can be a more secure storage than your garage, it also provides full protection not just from the sun, since it’d be indoors, but other natural causes as well like falling tree or sudden rain.

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