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Decluttering Your House – How to Get Started


A house will never be the same if it is full of clutter. In fact, there could be some proof to back up the claim that a house is never a home if it is full of clutter – studies show that there is a link between depression and the clutter a person sees when he or she is home.

Ask any seasoned homemaker if they would prefer their houses to be more simplified and less cluttered, and most, if not all of them would answer with a resounding, oftentimes enthusiastic, ‘YES!’ – and they’re right! There are a lot of benefits to just owning less that we ought to, simply because there’s less to think about – there’s less to clean, less to maintain, less to owe, less to arrange, less to organize. Not only does this mean that you end up with less stress, but on the flip side you have more space, more breathing room, more resources, more money, and more energy to stay focused on doing a few things well instead of many things badly.

homeownerMost homeowners know that less is more in this sense, but, unfortunately, close to none of them will start immediately, simply because they don’t know where to start. Are you one of these people who want to make a change, but don’t know where? Read on to learn some practical ways to get the ball rolling (out of the house, that is).

If you’re focusing on the task of decluttering the entire house, then of course you’re going to be intimidated! The trick you will learn most of all in decluttering efficiently and effectively is to aim small, and hit small.

1. Instead of planning on a declutter day, why don’t you try allotting far lesser time every day to do a consistent declutter instead of a one-time big time move? If you start by doing decluttering tasks for 5-10 minutes a day, then you’ll be surprised at the work that gets done after a week, and after a whole month. Mind you, you can do a lot in that short amount of time: You can clear a desk, you can take 5 or more items and put them where they belong, or you can even take that time to tell your kids where what goes.

giving away2. If time is too constrained for you to spend that amount of time daily dedicated to decluttering, then you can try just giving away an item each day for a given amount of days. Besides having that good feeling of helping another human being out, you will have cleared a significant amount of space after giving away consistently for a few weeks.

3. Take a challenge: How quick can you fill up a large trash bag with stuff you don’t need? Now, take note that this isn’t always trash that you could put in the bag – you can fill the bag with goodies to give away to charity as well.

These are only some of the many decluttering suggestions you can find online. Besides keeping things small and consistent versus big and potentially overwhelming, you may want to know that you will definitely get so much more done in terms of decluttering if you make it fun. It’s easy to do this if you’re looking for stuff to give away to other people, instead of merely looking for stuff to throw away. A proper mindset is essential to getting a house consistently decluttered.

Good hunting, in the name of space and charity!

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