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Important Things To Consider When Choosing Service Metres

Important Things To Consider When Choosing Service Metres

The service metre industry has now expanding like never before. Different service metre manufacturers are releasing different types and models of service metres to go beyond the consumer needs. And with so many services and service metres available in the market, service consumers are now interested in exploring their options when it comes to service metres. However, the abundant number of service metres can be daunting to consumers when they try to switch from their service provider standard service metres to newer and efficient service metres. If you are planning to switch to a newer service metre or simply need a replacement for your broken service metre, here are the important things to consider when choosing service metres.

  1. Type of service – Service metres are used on different types of services. The most common types are electric, gas and water metres. There are service metres which are compatible with any kind of service while others only work on specific services. Make sure you know which service you will be using the metre for.
  2. Load consumption – Service metres work by allowing the service whether power or water to pass through the metre in order to measure the consumption. Almost like an energy monitoring system. Each service metre has a specific maximum load that it can handle. If you are using the service metre for commercial purpose, make sure that it can handle a lot of load while for residencial service metres, standard metres which handle normal loads will be enough.
  3. Type of service metre – There are many types of service metres. You can choose from dial, standard, digital, prepayment, economy 7 and make more. If you want the latest service metres, depending on your arrangement with the service provider, you can choose prepayment, economy 7 or smart metres.
  4. Property – Make sure to consider the type of building or property where you will be using the metre. For an apartment complex or flats, services metres specifically the prepayment metres are the popular choice. Others who are under the economy 7 tariffs use speciliazed service metres.
  5. Payment method – With regards to payment method, you now have the option for prepayment or the more common post billing system. Apartment complex or flats are now using prepayment service metres while commercial buildings or factories use the standard post billing system for electricity and water supply.
  6. Service provider allowed metres – Not all service metres are allowed by different service providers. There are service providers which only allow a certain number of service metres while others only allow one metre which they supply.
  7. Brand – There are a lot of manufacturers for service metres. Make sure to check feedback and reviews regarding a particular company to know if they provide quality service metres.
  8. Model – Every brand releases different models of service metre. Make sure to learn if the model you are interested with is the latest or not an obsolete model.
  9. Cost – The prices of service metres also vary depending on the brand, model, load consumption and payment method. Do not purchase too expensive service metres if you only need a few functions from your metre.
  10. Installation – Some metres are easy to install while others require professional help for installation. Before you decide to purchase the service metre, ask the local expert or a technician from your service provider if they can install the service metre since it will be a waste of resources if you cannot install the metre.

Now you know how to choose the right service metre for you.

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