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Replacing a Broken Shed Window With Plastic


polycarbonate_shed_window_298x150Glass shed windows break easily. Be it a football smashing through your window, or a storm knocking a branch into it or it being over crowded with junk. If you are feeling lazy or don’t have time, hire a removals chelmford company such as Neales Removals, they’ll sort everything out with ease. Unfortunately, glass shed windows are prone to breaking. However, if a window breaks, there is no need to look for an entire new shed! Replacing broken shed windows requires little in terms of time, effort and money. We highly recommend using plastic replacement windows if your glass windows break, as these are more durable and less prone to being broken.


To replace your window yourself, you will need a pair of heavy-duty gloves, a measuring tape, a putty knife, some window putty, a razor blade, and your plastic.

Prepare the Window

The first step to repairing a broken window is removing the broken glass.Protect yourself with heavy-duty gloves, and remove all glass from the window frame. We recommend removing large pieces of glass before working on smaller pieces. Some pieces may not be able to be removed by hand, so you must take different action. Simply duct tape the pane on the outside of the shed and punch the glass out of the frame with a hammer, or a piece of wood. We recommend wearing eye protection if you are going to use this method. You can use a strip of duct tape to pick up pieces of glass too small to remove by hand. Alternatively, you may have damaged plastic you wish to remove. This is significantly easier than removing

The next stage of the process involves removing the trim or putty used to hold the old glass in place. A stiff knife will aid this process. Simply scrape all trim and putty away. If the window uses trim, keep this – the pieces you remove will be necessary later on when installing new glass. However, all putty you remove can simply be discarded. The razor blade can be used to scrape away any tough pieces of putty still attached. Be careful, slow and gentle, to ensure that you do not damage the frame or yourself!

Install New Material

Once the window has been prepared, we can start the replacement process. Ensuring that your plastic is of the correct size is arguably the most important part of this process. Take the measuring tape and note down the dimensions of the bare window frame with accuracy down to the millimetre. Take this measurement at least two times to ensure that your measuring is as accurate as possible.

Generally, it is safer and more accurate to have your plastic cut by a professional. Take your measurements to your local hardware store. They may have plastic ready-cut to standard frame sizes. If not, custom cutting is quick and relatively cheap. You can also order plastics cut to any size from online distributors. Ready the borders of the frame by applying a generous layer of putty. The putty cannot be too thick, however. Appropriately shape the putty to the frame with a knife or your fingers. Ensure there are no gaps, and that it runs from top to bottom in an unbroken fashion. Next, simply take your cut plastic and gently press it into the putty you have laid. Make sure the new window material does not fall out of the frame without the support of your hands.


Apply additional putty to the window to secure and weatherproof it, or if your window used trim, put the trim back on. Shape the final layer of putty at a slight downwards-slope around the edges, to help rainwater run off it.

There you have it! You have replaced your broken window with new plastic. For durability, we recommend using plastics such as arylic, as these are not only cheaper but will last longer than their glass counterparts. However, you may desire to replace your shed window with glass. This is possible, yet a very delicate process.

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