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Things you didn’t know about solar panels

Things you didn’t know about solar panels

The ancient Greek civilization worshiped the Helios, the Sun God. They understood the significance of the sun for the people on the Earth and hence considered the ball of fire in the sky as a powerful entity. The sun not only provides heat and warmth, but is also a great source of energy in the modern world, used as the solar panels.

You might not know certain facts about solar panels and solar energy. The article highlights on some of them. Let us have a look.

Two methods of capturing solar energy

You can capture energy from the sun in two different ways. Are you aware of them? The two methods include:

  1. Solar Photovoltaic cells or PV cells
  2. Concentrated Solar Power or CSP

The solar Photovoltaic cells acquires energy from the rays of the sun and then converts it into electricity directly. On the other hand, the concentrated solar power is known to transfer the solar energy to the recipient. This is utilized as mechanical energy and then electricity is produced.

California holds the largest operational solar thermal energy plant

Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, situated in Mojave Desert, California, is the largest functional solar thermal energy plant in the world. The primary focus of the energy plant is with the CSP or the Concentrating Solar Power technology. The gross capacity of the plant is around 392 megawatts. The most highlighting aspect about the concentrating solar power technology is that the solar energy can be stored even after the sun sets. This is yet another key aspect that is under research.

Soft costs of solar energy are still quite high

There is no question to the fact that the cost of the solar energy is going down at a rapid phase. As a result, it has become the ultimate economical choice for the American business houses and residential buildings. But the biggest hurdle remains with the costs of zoning, hooking the solar system correctly to the power grid, permitting and other soft costs. Moreover, the time for installation is also quite a long time. If you’re reading this we assume you’re in the market to make a purchase. We are thinking of writing an article relating to sash window installation from SM Sashes. Let us know if this is of interest to you!

By 2060 one-third of the world will be powered by solar energy

As per the studies and researches of the International Energy Agency, one-third of the worldwide energy will be supplied by the solar energy by the end of 2060. This means that the world will undergo a drastic transformation in respect to sustainable development, and you will see many builders in Essex installing them in various areas of the county. More and more electricity will be generated naturally via the solar energy. Solar energy will take over the world very soon. But there are certain things that you might not aware of solar panels.

Solar powered aircrafts are a reality a reality

You read it correct, solar powered aircraft are a reality. NASA has been experimenting on solar powered aircraft since 1980s. Pathfinder Plus and Helios Prototype are the two results of NASA’s efforts to use solar energy at high altitude flights for a longer period of time.

In case, you have been mis-sold, claim for the mis-sold solar panels.

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